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Experience the thrill of strategic bidding and expert gameplay with Skill Cat, the premier mobile card game online app. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the world of card games, Skill Cat card game offers an immersive and exciting gaming experience that will keep you coming back for more.

Skill Cat – The Ultimate Card Game Experience!

Engage in intense competition with players from around the world in our online gaming rooms. Test your bidding skills, strategic thinking, and card-playing prowess as you aim to become the ultimate Skill cat online spades-like game champion. With our advanced AI computer players, you’re guaranteed an exact finish and a truly fair gameplay experience. But Skill Cat is not just about the tie breaking game itself. It’s a community of passionate card players who share a love for the art of bidding and trick-taking. Connect with fellow players, challenge friends, and forge new friendships as you navigate through thrilling matches and climb up the rankings.

Skillcat Processing Works

Working Process

Login First

Unleash your skills by logging into your Skill Cat account via email and join the card game excitement.

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Master the art of bidding and trick-taking with our interactive tutorial, guiding you to Skill Cat greatness.

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Select New Game

Choose your game mode, adjust settings, and get ready to dive into the exhilarating world of Skill Cat .

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Sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the thrilling gameplay of Skill Cat, where every move counts and victory awaits.

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Best Features

Ultimate Card Game Thrills!

Unleash your skills with Skill Cat

Skill Cat offers seamless and user-friendly controls for easy and enjoyable gameplay. Challenge players worldwide in real-time matches and climb the global rankings.

Personalized Every Aspect Of It

Customization Like Never Before


Set the stage with captivating themes for an immersive gaming experience.

Cards Faces

Personalize your deck with unique and eye-catching card images.

Cards Back

Give your deck a distinct identity with custom-designed card backs.

Private Room

Create a cozy and intimate gaming space where you can strategize and bond with friends.

Common Room

Join a bustling community, customize your avatar, and engage in lively conversations.

Vagas Room

Experience the thrill of high-stakes gameplay in a luxurious and opulent setting.

Embark On An Exciting Journey

Are you ready to dive into a world of intense competition and exhilarating challenges? Let us introduce you to the exciting spades card game rules of Skill Cat that will keep you on the edge of your seat and hungry for more!

Bid strategically, execute brilliant tricks, and master the comprehensive scoring system that rewards skill and precision. Take risks, manage resources wisely, and outmaneuver opponents Accuracy in bidding and play wins games, with no more interference from the deck giving strong/weak hands and determining who wins the game. Choose from multiple game modes, including classic showdowns and partner play, for a tailored and exhilarating experience. Get ready to dive into the captivating world of Skill Cat, where every move counts and victory is within your reach!

Intuitive Interface For Seamless Experience

Experience a sleek and intuitive interface that enhances your gaming journey, making every moment with Skill Cat a visually stunning delight.

SkillCat is Coming

Soon to Your Favorite App Stores!

Get Ready for Grant Arrival

Coming Soon: SkillCat, the highly anticipated card game app, is about to hit the app stores. Get ready for thrilling multiplayer matches, comprehensive scoring, and a vibrant community. Stay tuned for an unforgettable gaming experience!

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Get Answers to Your Burning Questions

Skill Cat is a four players game coming soon on both iOS and Android devices. Stay tuned with us to receive updates. After the launch of Skill Cat, you can visit the respective app stores (App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android); you can simply search for Skill Cat and click on the “Install” or “Get” button. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

Skill Cat is a card game with bidding and tricks, primarily an online multiplayer game that requires an internet connection to participate in real-time matches and engage with other players. However, there may be certain features or game modes that can be played offline, such as tutorial or practice modes.

Absolutely! Skill Cat is a unique card game that offers an interactive tutorial that guides newcomers through the gameplay mechanics, bidding strategies, and trick-taking rules. It is designed to help beginners understand the game and improve their skills gradually. Additionally, Skill Cat’s diverse player community provides a supportive environment for learning and growth.

Skill Cat card game offers in-app purchases for various items, such as additional lives, customization options, or exclusive features. However, these purchases are optional, and you can enjoy the core gameplay experience without spending any money. Skill Cat strives to provide a fair and balanced gaming experience for all players, regardless of their purchasing choices.

The present card game method rewards skill in bidding, and the skill of making that bid. High cards count, but only to Obtain the tricks bid. After the bid is made, low cards are strategically used to avoid exceeding the bid. A card game of bidding skill is presented, principally with four independent players.


Skillcat the card game, achieves the advantages over the prior art by comprising a card game and method of playing the game which is similar to spades in the sense of following suit and the use of trump cards, but entirely different in the rules and procedures. Principally designed for four individual players, a regular deck of 52-cards is used, comprising 13 cards in four suits, spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs, and further comprising within each suit an array from the lowest 2, to the highest, ace. The preferred embodiment of the card game skillcat is played by four independent players.

The 52-card deck is dealt face down one card at a tume by one player sequentially in a clockwise direction to all four players until the entire deck has been dealt resulting in each player holding 13 cards. Dealing is shared among thy four players and passed in a clockwise direction to the next dealer after each hand.

  • spades are always trump

  • the other 3 suits have equal value, but below the trump suit of spades. thus, any spade card has a higher value the any card of the other 3 suits.
  • the present card game skillcat allows a “halo” rule wherein a deuce (2) which is played immediately after the ace of the same suit becomes higher in value than the ace, and in this instance takes the trick.


The goal of the game is to make your bid contract. Making the bid contract requires a player to win the number of tricks bid by the player on the particular hand. Tricks are won by the highest card played in either the trump suit or the suit led, subjest to the “halo” rule.

Once all cards have been dealt, a single round of bidding begins, starting with the first player to have been dealt a card and continuing clockwise around the table until the player who dealt the cards ends the bidding round by placing a bid.


A trick is a set of 4 played cards, one card from each player.

Since each player is dealt 13 cards, the face value for the total number of tricks per hand is 13. However, in the method of the present invention the last trick of the hand is worth double.

Thus, the total number of tricks per hand is 14.


At the beginning of each game, each player has nine lives On each dealt and bid hand, lives are lost by players who-inaccurately bid the hand. One life is lost for each over or under trick by which the player misses their bid. Game play continues until at least 3 players reach 100 points or more with at least 1 life remaining or at least 3 players lose all 9 lives, or any combination of both.


The last bid by the dealer can be for any number of tricks except one that totals 14 for all four players.

example: if the first player bids 3 tricks, and the second player bids 4 tricks, and the third player bids 2 tricks, the dealer would be limited to bidding anywhere from 0-14 tricks, but not 5 tricks, since the total for all bids would equal 14.

An exception to the limits placed on the last bid by the dealer is if:

After the lead, the highest card played wins the trick, subject to the Halo rule. Also, trump is higher than the other 3 suits.

#10-You must be wondering how someone can the hand with just the 2 rank of card.

To this-

Halo rule- The 2 of a suit played immediately after the ace of the same suit will win that trick, unless spades are played during that same trick, highest spade wins the trick.

#11-To add more spice to the game, underdog can win a trick by placing 2 of leading suit to turn things around.

Halo rule is a backdoor to getting a trick back. Use wisely.

This last part is remove these sayings and not replace.

#1-But Spades vs Spades will decided on rank of the card.

#2-Because of Halo rule.

#3- you can save your 2’s and place them in crucial moments to win it all.

#4- But it is situational.

#5-Halo= lowest card wins.